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2001 Citation Encore S/N 560-0560

1922 hours / 1686 Cycles / Call for Pricing

Check out this show stopping 2001 Citation Encore, serial number 560-0560 presented by SOLJETS. This low time, no damage history aircraft, is enrolled in PowerAdvantage + and ProParts.
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2008 Citation Mustang SN 510-0130

1810 hours / 1375 Cycles / Call for Pricing

This exceptional 2008 Mustang includes refurbished Paint. Enrolled in ProParts, PowerAdvantage Plus, and Cescom. EASA-Equipped, ADF / DME, and Large Oxygen.
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2007 Falcon 2000EX EASy SN 2000EX-112

2950 hours / 2265 Cycles / Call for Pricing

Don't miss this one of a kind Falcon 2000EX EASy II presented by SOLJETS. This aircraft features ADS-B Out, EASy II Upgrades, API Winglets, WAAS/LPV, and more.
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Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk

8751 hours / Cycles / $2,495,000

SOLJETS presents BuNo 156925 served in the US Navy Instrument Training Program, and was largely used as a land-based instrument trainer. The aircraft has 115 arrested landings making it one of the lowest cycle TA-4J's in existence. Even though it was retired, it had an incredible 52% life remaining based on US Naval utilization standards.

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Whether you have a precise requirement for a specific aircraft, or a vague concept and understanding of your needs, the SOLJETS’ professionals have refined a Solution that ensures YOUR needs, missions, and goals are met. With clarity we work together to provide the Intel and resources to enable YOU to make the best decisions – whether buying or selling. The SOLJETS Solution has four key steps: Assess, Assemble, Act, Alliance.

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The SOLJETS solution combines the ideal aircraft with the right process, ownership structure, and foundation to make sure that your jet is a simple, efficient, and satisfying part of your life. Freedom, adventure, delivered. With SOLJETS, that dream can become a reality.

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