Recent Aircraft

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2011 Pilatus PC-12NG SN 1305

2008 hours / 1290 Cycles / Call for Pricing

Be sure to check out this head turning 2011 Pilatus PC-12NG SN 1305. This aircraft features CCD, a Wireless Connected Flight Deck, 2016 full interior and exterior refurbishment, and is fully enrolled on ESP Gold, HAPP, and MPP.
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2007 Falcon 2000EX EASy SN 2000EX-112

3160 hours / 2305 Cycles / Call for Pricing

Don't miss this one of a kind Falcon 2000EX EASy II presented by SOLJETS. This aircraft features ADS-B Out, EASy II Upgrades, API Winglets, WAAS/LPV, and more.
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2013 Cessna Citation CJ3

560 hours / 400 Cycles / Call for Pricing

SOLJETS presents this stunning 2013 Citation CJ3 equipped with TCAS II, Gogo InFlight Wifi, Aircell, and more. This aircraft is fully enrolled on TapElite and has been meticulously maintained.
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2011 Embraer Phenom 300 SN 50500037

943 hours / 609 Cycles / Call for Pricing

Don't miss this fully loaded 2011 Embraer Phenom 300 featuring GoGo Internet, 7th Passenger Seat Option, and more.

Our Services

Whether you have a precise requirement for a specific aircraft, or a vague concept and understanding of your needs, the SOLJETS’ professionals have refined a Solution that ensures YOUR needs, missions, and goals are met. With clarity we work together to provide the Intel and resources to enable YOU to make the best decisions – whether buying or selling. The SOLJETS Solution has four key steps: Assess, Assemble, Act, Alliance.

Our Solution

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Our Team

The SOLJETS solution combines the ideal aircraft with the right process, ownership structure, and foundation to make sure that your jet is a simple, efficient, and satisfying part of your life. Freedom, adventure, delivered. With SOLJETS, that dream can become a reality.

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