Our Services

The Solution

Whether you have a precise requirement for a specific aircraft, or a vague concept and understanding of your needs, the SOLJETS’ professionals have refined a Solution that ensures YOUR needs, missions, and goals are met. With clarity we work together to provide the Intel and resources to enable YOU to make the best decisions – whether buying or selling. The SOLJETS Solution has four key steps: Assess, Assemble, Act, Alliance.

Assess {needs / goals}

SOLJETS’ professionals assess your situation to optimize your transaction and eliminate unseen pitfalls. We ASSESS each of the following areas to ensure an efficient transaction: Mission Assessment, Tax Optimization, Insurance & Finance, Crew Staffing & Training

Assemble {solutions and opportunities}

After a thorough assessment of your goals, we provide market analysis to enable you to make the best decisions moving forward. These may include Aircraft Comparisons, For Sale and Sold Market Summaries in addition to other proprietary information.

Act {contrACT}

Execution of an agreement generally presents the largest hurdle in any transaction. We take time to understand the needs of all parties involved and utilize our 40+ years of experience to ensure correct expectations are set regarding all conditions of contract test flight(s), deposit conditions, lender requirements, maintenance programs, inspections, and delivery location.

Alliance {relationship}

Our relationship only starts at the closing of a transaction. Whether it's mentor training, maintenance program transfer, database subscriptions, market intel, maintenance issues or advice – SOLJETS is an available resource to all of our clients anytime. The Solution is focused on the single most important piece to our business – our clients.